June 2011

Love and Rockets

by HRM on June 30, 2011

Last October I hosted an unconventional Shabbat dinner of soy and orange salmon and fennel in my Paris apartment with a friend, who had invited her French family friends. This is how I met Jean Cavé and his wife, France, who entertained us all evening with their stories.

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Raw Bob`s Cabaret

by HRM on June 30, 2011

The Paxtons had been bled down from three to two by Raw Bob some ten years back. Shrouded in damp wool, this lumpy pair had come to see the show. Like Raw Bob, they too had been put away. But they’d been boarded up into a stale attic. Left to grow musty and dank by what he’d done.


Que sais-je? La musique concrete

by HRM on June 21, 2011

She entered the café as I was reading one of the shorter stories in Borges’ Fictions. Let me explain two things before I continue…


Amund Vedal -­­ Dispatch

by HRM on June 20, 2011

Amund Vedal is a composer and musician from Norway studying composition in Gotland, Sweden. Dispatch (2009), for contrabass recorder, was first performed by Swedish recorder-virtuoso Anna Petrini. Unedited.


Exoticism and imagination

by HRM on June 11, 2011

There is an inherent problem in my being here, in Agadir, a town on the coast of central Morocco, to cover and participate in a literary conference. The theme of the conference is space and I am not from this place, have never been to this part of the world, and do not speak the language spoken here, my tongue unable to articulate, my mind unable to decipher, the fluid warblings of Arabic.


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