July 2011

Gul som Solsken

by HRM on July 30, 2011

Emma-Klara Sandberg is a photographer and design student in Leksand, Sweden.


The thing about Port Eliot, which is true of most festivals, conferences, and other such gatherings, is there’s always something fabulous happening just nearby. Down the hill near the Big Top or up the hill in the Walled Garden: you just have to catch it in time.


The Skunky Cham`s

by HRM on July 19, 2011

The Skunky Cham’s, a Paris-based punk rock band, sit down with HRM writer Rachel TonThat to discuss English lyrics, the Parisian music scene, and their recent participation in the Tremplin Fallenfest.


Undue Neglect

by HRM on July 12, 2011

Within the three or four shelves that comprise the philosophy section of the Shakespeare & Company library, you’ll find an entirely unassuming book. Unassuming not in its size, but in its modest attempt at distilling the entire project of American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce.


Louis Thomas

by HRM on July 12, 2011

Born in Brittany, Louis Thomas is a painter, photographer, and animator studying at Les Gobelins School of Animation. His interests have led him to Los Angeles, where he is currently on an exchange with CalArts.

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