September 2011

Reve Generale

by HRM on September 28, 2011

Emma-Klara is a photographer and musician currently living in Leksand, Sweden.


Ethan Frederick Greene’s piece ‘For Candles’ (2011) uses the melted wax dripping off four horizontal candles to mark the passage of time with sound. One of the four candles, dubbed the “maestro candle”, does this literally by controlling the tempo of the piece.


Dimanche Rouge

by HRM on September 15, 2011

On Sunday, 18 September, the eighth installment of Dimanche Rouge will be held at Petit Bain, a floating concert hall and art space on the Seine. A mini-festival of experimental performances founded in Paris, Dimanche Rouge offers a consistent opportunity for artists to present their work.


Illustrating Finnegans Wake

by HRM on September 9, 2011

I first saw Stephen Crowe’s work at Shakespeare & Company, nestled above a refined selection of antique books with beautiful spines in the main room. The page I saw looked like the beginning of an illustrated Grimm’s story. I pointed it out to my friend Lauren – whispering, as there was a reading taking place – and she told me that it was an illustration of Finnegans Wake. Curious about his project, I contacted Crowe to find out more.

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A Conversation-Interview between Cara Spooner and Lendl BarcelosFor me, everything comes from the body. I have an embodied practice. Because I have a dance background, everything I do – whether it is sending mail to people in Zürich, walking or “performing as an audience” – is all dance. Everything I do is movement-based and comes […]


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