November 2011

Vincent Moon, `the Happiest Man on Earth`

by HRM on November 28, 2011

Independent filmmaker Vincent Moon only needs a sleeping bag and his camera to do what he does. Right now he is in Indonesia, capturing the city’s music scene on tape.


Erring on the side of Beauty

by HRM on November 24, 2011

Mathematics: A Beautiful Elsewhere brings together the work of mathematicians, scientists and artists to transform abstract theories of mathematics into a nearly-hallucinatory experience.


Interview with the founders of Atlantis

by HRM on November 21, 2011

There is something about Atlantis Books – hidden, handmade, nooks and crannies; the way it flirts with the imaginary – that makes it like a secret den. Perhaps this is fitting: the founders were just boys…


Locked Room Scenario

by HRM on November 18, 2011

In the very best of circumstances, I have an atrociously bad sense of direction. Send me to a notoriously difficult-to-find temporary exhibit in a somewhat gritty neighborhood I don’t know at all, and depending on my mood I’ll either cry or give up.


Seen from above, the Greek island of Santorini looks like a comma. At the northern most tip of this comma’s top is a village called Oia, and if you take the high road – a tiled walkway, whitewash walls, a blue-domed…


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