February 2012

The Daguerrotypist

by HRM on February 29, 2012

While strolling along the Kreuzk√∂lln canals on a chilly winter’s day, photographer Brigid Annand was pulled off of the street by Jeremy Lynch to have her photo taken. What she soon learned was that Jeremy wasn’t employing contemporary photographic methods for this impromptu portrait session.


The Passive Collective

by HRM on February 28, 2012

I first met Lendl Barcelos by the fountain in the Place Saint Sulpice. This is the same square that Perec exhausts in his book Tentative d’√©puisement d’un lieu Parisien, but this is not important.


I became an honourary member of the Suetude Society on a fortuitous, albeit slightly random, trip to Scotland. A week before leaving, I activated my dormant CouchSurfing account: it was through this that I met the Secretary and founding member of the Society: Topher Dawson, and his lovely family.


The Body Electric in Berlin

by HRM on February 16, 2012

If you find yourself dismissing electronic music as a medium perpetrating the demise of real music – as a genre that relies wholeheartedly on a MacBook and a Synth – may this enlighten you to the broad and varied scope that is the electronic genre.


A portion of an endless history

by HRM on February 10, 2012

Holiday Rambler is the everyman that died long ago, the tradition your grandparents remembered, but your parents discarded. Utilizing no more than can be carried alone, he sings forgotten histories over vernacular guitar accompaniment.


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