March 2012


by HRM on March 28, 2012

Nathaniel Bellows is interested in narrative – he is a writer, musician and illustrator – and uses his work to explore the realms of memory, particularly the mysterious process of recollection.


When You’re Strange

by HRM on March 21, 2012

I’ve entitled this talk “When You’re Strange” because what I would like to discuss is how the experience of living outside one’s language, and of being immersed in another tongue, can and inevitably does change one’s mother tongue or in the very least one’s relationship to it.


Chocolat: Clown Negre

by HRM on March 16, 2012

Chocolat: Clown Nègre tells the true story of Rafael Padilla, a former slave born in Cuba who became the first black artist in France. Rafael captivated Parisian audiences in the Belle Epoque through his talents as a singer, dancer and clown, working under the stage name of ‘Chocolat’…


There will be no survivors

by HRM on March 14, 2012

Standing serene in his ragged, orange hat, visual artist Rich Tu is the epitome of calm at the preview of his latest collection, There Will Be No Survivors on Thursday, February 23rd at Norwood Club in NYC.


The Resistance to Change

by HRM on March 9, 2012

On Thursday, 1 March, on Gottingen Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Eyelevel Gallery opened its fifth re-shelving initiative, an exhibition of the newest holdings in the Eyelevel Bookstore.


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