July 2012

Straight to the Moon

by HRM on July 26, 2012

Band-member Erika Forster DJ’d our NYC launch party in May. Now we turn to keyboard/vocalist Annie Hart to answer a few questions. Their last album, Still Night, Still Light (2009), has a crisp beat with delicate vocals, a dreamy pop with a melody that’s both bright and deft.


The Construct of the Writing Process

by HRM on July 23, 2012

On Monday, July 9th we returned to another event at Shakespeare and Co. featuring a group of acclaimed American writers.


Tabula Rasa

by HRM on July 19, 2012

The division between the virtual and the material seems to be absolute. Contemporary artists bridge this gap by using technology as a creative tool, a tool which then lends itself to their tangible work. Susan Cantrick is one such artist. She began painting after an injury interrupted her previous career as a violinist.


Sommer Flora

by HRM on July 17, 2012

Photography by Emma-Klara Sandberg All space came out in flowers miraculous, erupting from a void or mouth And every breath a wind or sun, a season or delight drew colour from the earth – from A Garland for Milne, by D. G. Jones


Unnamed colors in the gloaming

by HRM on July 13, 2012

Intro: Brett Day Windham came to the Her Royal Majesty launch party in New York city and we were thusly introduced to her body of work. Discussed in this interview: the mating habits of the bower bird; dangers of nostalgia; hazards of found objects; self-generating idea machines.


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