Her Royal Majesty is an international literary and arts review. The magazine creates a space for a new generation of international artists to express itself in a tightly curated issue focused around a particular theme. The publication was founded in Halifax in 2008 and has grown from a zine designed to serve the local community into an international literary arts magazine.

The magazine derives its name from a mistranslation of acronyms: when Harriet, Editor in chief, first moved to Halifax, she thought that the signs around the city requesting that citizens keep out of the park after dark, refrain from smoking in public places, resist the temptation to swim in the harbour, et cetera, came straight from the mouth of Her Royal Majesty. She later learned that it was not the Queen, but rather the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) that was concerned with garbage disposal and the distribution of parking tickets.

Halifax being the second largest natural port in the world and the Eastern-most point in North America, the city is (historically and currently) the first point of entry and the last point of departure for international voyages by both air and sea, making it an important bridge between continents, between people.

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The Paris launch of issue ten was at Galerie Iconoclastes on March 24. Click here for more info.

ISSN: 2116 34X