Book Reviews

A Year in Reading

by HRM on December 31, 2012

made a resolution to read only things that moved me and didn’t always succeed, but since “move” is a pretty general term, I guess I didn’t ever really fail either.

I read Surfacing by Margaret Atwood, over New Year in Northern Ontario. It was my first Atwood…


The Road found in Paris:

by HRM on August 16, 2012

Paris is the opposite of an open road. It is a collision, a set of barricades, serpentine passages constructed and built up over centuries. All paths lead to this mess of an intersection, dense with smoke and tourists, streets that disappear.


Ark Codex

by HRM on May 2, 2012

The Ark Codex project’s greatest strength might simultaneously be the greatest stumbling block it poses for the reader, that is, the way in which it proposes to use language. By its own account, the Ark Codex project is “an authorless book object of art & text” that acts as “a self-organizing & self-contained archeological archive of language for the sake of language”.


Shooting Side Glances, by John Greiner

by HRM on August 2, 2011

In John Greiner’s collection of short stories, Shooting Side Glances, the cast of characters ranges from a criminal lusting after a gray homburg that he may or may not have seen in Vienna, a woman who is trying to get downtown – “any downtown will do” – and a mother who may have accidentally killed her son as a result of not feeding the birds.


Undue Neglect

by HRM on July 12, 2011

Within the three or four shelves that comprise the philosophy section of the Shakespeare & Company library, you’ll find an entirely unassuming book. Unassuming not in its size, but in its modest attempt at distilling the entire project of American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce.


ISSN: 2116 34X