“Would you have sex with an Arab?”

by HRM on October 5, 2012

“I never thought I would pick this subject. I guess it came to me by instinct, really spontaneously,” Yolande Zauberman contemplates for a moment, “the question just suddenly popped up in my head and I immediately felt the need to ask it.”


Shopping for friends

by HRM on July 3, 2012

The show is about making friends. Everyone can relate to this. In Berlin, people are always coming and going – one day you’ll have a solid crew of amigos and the next, everyone will have ventured back to their respective corners of the globe.


Un Samedi

by HRM on July 2, 2012

Two artists, one subject. Bernadette Kelly paints Diane while Kit Brown photographs her; Sam Gordon and Ambarish Manepalli film them at work in the studio. Like jazz, the artists riff off one another.


Makers and Followers

by HRM on June 1, 2012

Jerome Btesh, one of the initial squatters at Paris’s legendary 59 Rivoli, talks about his inspirations, his process and what it’s like to work in this public atelier. Film made for Her Royal Majesty by Sam Gordon.


Painted Galaxies

by HRM on May 4, 2012

In a film series shot by Sam Gordon for Her Royal Majesty, we interview the artists in residence at 59 Rivoli, after-squat in central Paris. In this film, Pascal Foucart talks about his process and his inspirations: stars, galaxies, and daily bread.


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