Dreaming in Green

by HRM on September 21, 2012

Yes, summer is ending. The air is hardening and the green of those warm summer months is already being wrapped up in the Parisian autumn scarves. The leaves are rusting as the city drags itself back to work, to real life.


Straight to the Moon

by HRM on July 26, 2012

Band-member Erika Forster DJ’d our NYC launch party in May. Now we turn to keyboard/vocalist Annie Hart to answer a few questions. Their last album, Still Night, Still Light (2009), has a crisp beat with delicate vocals, a dreamy pop with a melody that’s both bright and deft.



by HRM on June 16, 2012

Kyrie Kristmanson’s latest musical project, an interpretation of musical and lyrical manuscripts dating back to 12th century southern France composed by a compelling group of female songwriters known as les troubadours, will be premiered this Sunday, 17 June, at l’Église Notre Dame d’Espérance in Paris, France.


The Body Electric in Berlin

by HRM on February 16, 2012

If you find yourself dismissing electronic music as a medium perpetrating the demise of real music – as a genre that relies wholeheartedly on a MacBook and a Synth – may this enlighten you to the broad and varied scope that is the electronic genre.


A portion of an endless history

by HRM on February 10, 2012

Holiday Rambler is the everyman that died long ago, the tradition your grandparents remembered, but your parents discarded. Utilizing no more than can be carried alone, he sings forgotten histories over vernacular guitar accompaniment.


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