American Girl

by HRM on February 21, 2013

When I caught sight of Ilona Szwarc’s American Girls project online, I was instantly hooked. Szwarc captured images of girls with their American Girl doll counterparts, and the relationship between the dolls and the girls had a kind of magical tension. I clicked through the series, mesmerized at this glimpse into the lives of girls throughout the country.


Crafting objects into stories

by HRM on February 12, 2013

I first met Sonia Rentsch in Berlin a couple of years ago when she came to one of my yoga classes. I remember it being grey and wintery, cozy but drafty. I didn’t know then that Sonia was such a creative force. During the exchange of yoga, I don’t often learn the details of my student’s lives – jobs, partners, pets. Instead I get to know the way they breathe, move, experience their own bodies – who they are when the rest is stripped away.


Obscuring the Camera Obscura

by HRM on October 26, 2012

Robert Canali is presenting work as part of two exhibitions coinciding with this year’s FIAC festival. These are his first exhibitions in Paris. YIA (Young International Artists) Art Fair showcases 25 artists under 30 years of
age. Appartement will also host some of Rob’s work. 18 – 21 October.


Forests Can Be Disorderly

by HRM on August 23, 2012

It’s is so easy to publish pictures, and get the sense of validation that comes with that. Sometimes I allow the process to go a little too fast. Usually however, I recognize this and withdraw the picture when I realize that there wasn’t an intention behind showing it, I was just seeking affirmation. Tragic but true!


Sommer Flora

by HRM on July 17, 2012

Photography by Emma-Klara Sandberg All space came out in flowers miraculous, erupting from a void or mouth And every breath a wind or sun, a season or delight drew colour from the earth – from A Garland for Milne, by D. G. Jones


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