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by HRM on October 16, 2012

African Travelogue, part 1

Rousseau, The Dream

Our contributing editor, Lacey Haynes, recently traveled through Africa. We will be releasing weekly installments from her travel log.

Chobe National Park – Botswana
Tuesday, early evening

Sitting at the edge of the boardwalk built this year at the Chobe Game Lodge, I can see at least twenty-four elephants. Elephants! Three or more are babies. There are thirty or more skirting the periphery but they fade in and out of view. Someone said to me that elephants look like they’re wearing baggy jeans. It’s a very good descriptor. There are hippos and birds – so many birds, calling and soaring overhead, standing on the river’s crest. In the water to my left, a splash. Everyone hopes it’s a tiger fish. With a glance, I cross the river into Namibia where there are a dozen or more large dark animals floating on the heat waves. Elephants have learned to come back to Botswana at sunset. Their predators, the Namibian poachers, come out at night.

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