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by HRM on August 13, 2012



Our lives are made up of details, moments. The particular curvature of a tree branch overhead, dipping into our faces; a cigarette frozen in the icy sidewalk; a smashed window, allowing a glimpse of warehouse beams. Rain starts and stops; a potted plant falls over, scattering its dirt on the pavement.

Such observations are two-fold; they reveal a place as well as a perceiving eye, both the city and its inhabitant. Her Royal Majesty is starting a collection of such details to root the place in its irregularities and concrete forms.

Readers and contributors of HRM will be asked to capture and document a time, collectively and independently. The moments from all respective places will be published bi-monthly on our website.

You are invited to participate.

In order to transition from one place to another, and create the aesthetic of a cohesive series, some rules apply:

1. The location needs to be as specific as possible

2. An action needs to have happened, one that does not involve pigeons (much too common, and they can only do so many things). But the action can be small, i.e. involving a bee.

3. Exact time, down to the minute

Here are some examples to get you started–three notes from Madison in Paris and one from Julia in Toronto. (click images to view larger)




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