The Daguerrotypist

by HRM on February 29, 2012

report by Lacey Haynes

While strolling along the Kreuzkölln canals on a chilly winter’s day, photographer Brigid Annand was pulled off of the street by Jeremy Lynch to have her photo taken. What she soon learned was that Jeremy wasn’t employing contemporary photographic methods for this impromptu portrait session. Lynch’s Human ein Daguerreotypie Projekt explores the very first picture taking techniques from the mid 1800s – using silver plates, a very old camera and a slew of special chemicals to process the images.

Through his vintage lens, Lynch explores a contemporary society and ideas encompassing human life as disposable and oftentimes replaceable. Lynch has taken it a step further with his current project, actually doing away with his online presence and computing devices, in favor of communicating through good old fashion letter sending – letters constructed on a typewriter nonetheless. It hasn’t been an easy transition for Lynch, especially when contacting galleries, but the unique nature of receiving a type-written letter has piqued the interest of a slew of gallerists.

Brigid Annand returned home that day and told partner and filmmaker Pawel Jarecki about her unusual encounter with Lynch. Armed with two cameras, the Australian couple returned to Jeremy Lynch’s studio to further investigate his Daguerreotype project.

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch

Brigid Annand



All images by photographer Brigid Annand. Video by filmmaker Pawel Jarecki.

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