The Resistance to Change

by HRM on March 9, 2012

HRM at Eyelevel Gallery by Adria Young

resistance to changeOn Thursday, 1 March, on Gottingen Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Eyelevel Gallery opened its fifth re-shelving initiative, an exhibition of the newest holdings in the Eyelevel Bookstore. “The Resistance to Change” celebrates printed matter and art in the form of zines, comics, hand-bound books, screen prints, postcards, collages, and so much more.

Submissions from all over the world fill the gallery until the end of the month, and all works are available for purchase online, including Her Royal Majesty. What are the changes such works resist? Digitalization? Maturation? Alienation? Open since 1974, Eyelevel Gallery invites you to consider these works and reflect upon these questions, as it always has.

Her Royal Majesty at Eyelevel Gallery

Eyelevel Gallery

Her Royal Majesty at Eyelevel Gallery

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