by HRM on December 26, 2011

Video and article by Franziska Knupper

The German Band WunschWG performed their song “Marie“ in the exhibition halls of the Kulturbunker, a music venue and gallery in Cologne.

Three members of the band brought their acoustic guitars and a few bottles of the local beer; they were relaxed and casual. Just like a couple of friends getting together and playing their music. And when they played they filled the room with clear guitar sounds and a single voice. A room full of pictures and sculptures and a flickering TV in the corner. But their eyes were somehow fixed on distance except for a couple of glances towards each other.

“We are used to sit together, experiment and jam together, that’s how it all started,“ explains Marc, the singer. Usually it’s him who writes the lyrics but the melody is something they all have to create together. “Once we have found a leading melody, everyone is responsible for the part of their own instrument,“ Lene, the only girl of the band, explains. “But if someone really does not like an idea we have to drop it. It has to be total democracy in a band,” she says. “Fortunately it didn’t happen so, we seem to have the same taste,“ she adds, smilingly.

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