Hewn (Cappadocia, Turkey)

by HRM on July 4, 2011

photo essay by Julia Grummitt

Julia Grummitt
Julia Grummitt
Julia Grummitt
Julia Grummitt
Julia Grummitt

Julia Grummitt is a Masters student at Trent University, where she studies visual culture and landscape history. She lived in Batumi, Georgia, as an English teacher for six months, and you can find more of her photographs from her life there and elsewhere at thesilkscreencinema.blogspot.com

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Gillian Wigmore July 13, 2011 at 6:11 pm

a poem in response:

after hewn Cappadocia by Julia Grummit

here you see the tumble home from sky to cliff to curve
and meet the inward-seek of cave entrance in chamois yellow
brown, dust, and if you look a slight level shade of blue

the armoire of cool after sun, shade after heat, note
the greys and like I said blues. here you seek
the tumble home from above ground to below

from beams and boards and wood to shiff of moving soil
then smooth packed earth floor – this is what we’re after
an experience inside an elemental colour, an abode

of before-thought, when the dark was all around us
and in the dark we built a fire and all that was behind us fell away
the shifting gold and red of coals was what we wanted

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